Friday 6 December, 2019

Gridlock! From cars running out of fuel to cabbies turning down ‘work’

The traffic situation that caused gridlock across several sections of the Corporate Area on Monday continued into late afternoon, with motorists and commuters alike giving horror stories about their experiences on the day.

"I left my home from 6:30 a.m. from Pembroke Hall to go to school downtown Kingston and I reached 12:30 (p.m.)," a student of a prominent high school told Loop News.

The student said the trip that normally took 45 minutes or less turned into a more than six-hour journey.

He was part of a group of students who had to return home after they were locked out by school officials because of their very late arrival.

There were other horror stories of motorists even running out of petrol.

"I was left stuck in traffic to the point where I ran out of petrol," said a motorist on Waltham Park Road.

There were also taxi operators who said the traffic was so intense they were forced to stop working for the day.

"Boss it nuh feasible. If you take on a work it going cost you more than you earn, as the length of time you going stuck in traffic going burn up in gas use," said a taxi operator who works along Molynes Road.

Another operator said following reports of the gridlock, he was flooded with calls from persons seeking to pay extra to be transported across the Corporate Area, but he turned down the requests.

But while many motorists complained of the difficulties they experienced, one resident of Olympic Gardens sought to capitalise on the situation at hand.

"Right now mi have two bikes a mi yard and a rent me start rent them, because based on this traffic, vehicle not going manage,” said the man who identified himself only as ‘Boxer’.

The fuming motorists, who were praising the traffic management system under the guidance of the police’s new Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch (PSTEB) last week, said what they experienced then was a total contrast to what they experienced on Monday.

“I believe what we are seeing this morning is the system facing its true test, with all schools officially opened this morning,” said Errol Brown, a motorist who said he was left stuck in traffic along Washington Boulevard for more than an hour trying to make his way to Half-Way Tree.

He was one of several motorists who spoke to a Loop News team and gave their views on what they believed caused the chaotic situation on several thoroughfares.

Some of the motorists said with traffic restricted from travelling through the Three Miles intersection, this presented a big strain on the systems in place in other areas.

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