Tuesday 19 June, 2018

Government now owes JPS $5.4 billion for streetlights

The Government of Jamaica presently owes the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) a total $5.4 billion for the provision of streetlight services.

For the last financial year, over $1 billion was paid by the Government for streetlights across the country, but this was while the bill for the period was $2.8 billion.

Consequently, the streetlight debt has been growing instead of contracting.

Streetlights services are paid for from property tax collection.

Local Government and Community Development Minister Desmond McKenzie has indicated that in search of a solution, a series of discussions have been held with the light and power company to examine how best to deal with the problem

During his Sectoral Debate presentation in Parliament Wednesday, McKenzie said among the emerging initiatives is the scheduled implementation of a smart street light system, which was specified in the JPS licence of 2016.

McKenzie also cited plans for an audit of the streetlight services being provided by the JPS.