Saturday 17 August, 2019

Gory details revealed before 'Tarpaulin Killer' gets 15-year sentence

Phillip Brown... had consensual sex with his victim before killing her.

Phillip Brown... had consensual sex with his victim before killing her.

Phillip Brown, the now infamous ‘Tarpaulin Killer’, was on Friday sentenced to 15 years in prison by a reflective Justice Martin Gayle in the Home Circuit Court.

Brown is to serve 10 years before being eligible for consideration for parole.

Brown benefited significantly from pleading guilty in October on a Sentence Reduction Day, to the murder of his ex-lover, 31-year-old Kerry-Ann Wilson.

Justice Gayle sentenced Brown to the maximum penalty under the recently-instituted Plea Negotiations and Agreement Act, which allows persons charged with an offence to plead guilty and receive reduced sentences.

In handing down the sentence, Justice Gayle noted what he described as a troubling section of the community report on Brown, which indicated that the convict was boasting about only going to spend six years in prison.

The judge also said what was of concern to him was the fact that Brown had sexual intercourse with the deceased before killing her.

Justice Gayle, in response to Brown's attorney, Anthony Williams, said the murder was not an act of love. He told Brown that if he had loved Wilson, he would have protected her and hope that she returned to him.

The judge said he took into consideration the young child that Brown had with Wilson, who will now lose both parents.

Attorney Williams had argued earlier that Brown killed Williams in an act of love.

He said Brown and Wilson had been involved in a tumultuous relationship, which had never before resulted in physical hurt.

He asked the judge to consider the child of the union, as well as another from a marriage that Brown was in before the relationship with Wilson.

The court heard that Brown admitted to the police about making love to Wilson while they discussed reconciliation. This he said he did even though Wilson was pregnant with another man's child.

The police report said that Brown claimed that after the discussion and Wilson going to sleep, he became restless and started to smoke and drink while pacing the floor. The report said he eventually claimed that he held a sledgehammer over the deceased head and it fell.

The police report said the watchman of the complex saw Brown trying to push something wrapped in tarpaulin through the rail of a nearby gully and approached him.

The watchman was told it was garbage, after which Brown asked him if he could assist. The watchman reportedly declined, after which Brown gave him the key for his car and walked off.

The watchman called the police and upon investigating, they found Wilson's decomposing body inside the tarpaulin.

Brown turned himself in to the police the following day.

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