Monday 10 August, 2020

Good cops, great citizens being hailed for overcoming a ‘lost’ cause

A St Andrew businessman, one of his employees, two police officers and a co-operative bank staffer are being hailed for the honesty, responsibility, professionalism and spirit of co-operation which they displayed after a wallet with cash was recently found.

The wallet was ultimately returned intact to its owner, but not before some highly commendable acts along the way in search of the actual owner.

Consequently, the incident in which the wallet - with more than $50,000 in Jamaican and US currencies inside - was returned to the owner, is being lauded as a shining example of what can be achieved when good citizens work together in the pursuit of principled goals.

Indications are that an employee of Stationery Office Supplies in St Andrew found the wallet and, instead of pocketing the funds, he went to his job and handed the wallet over to his boss.

The boss, in turn, contacted a senior police officer whom he considered to be trustworthy.

The officer happened to be Inspector Rohan Ritchie of the Duhaney Park Police Station in St Andrew.

On being informed of the situation and being presented with the wallet and its contents, Richie, along with a woman district constable,identified only as C. Smith, checked the wallet to see if there was any form of address inside which they could use to contact the owner.

“When we checked, there was a national identification card, but that was disfigured and as such, the address on the ID was unreadable,” said the inspector when he was contacted by Loop News.

The senior cop explained that his next move, along with the district constable, was somewhat outside of the box.

“There was a Scotiabank card in the wallet, and from that we were able to track down the branch of the bank, and we took the wallet to the Three Miles branch and explained the situation to a supervisor there, and asked that the bank make the link with the owner, which was successful,” said Richie.

He added that he left his contact numbers with the bank and only 20 minutes later, the owner was in telephone contact with him.

The senior lawman said after the requisite checks, he later handed over the lost property to its then very elated owner, whom he said laughed incessantly in praise of the Good Samaritan and the police for having combined to reunite him with his property.

And with all of the positive feedback from the actions that involved him in a central way, the inspector said he did not want to take any praise for the development.

Instead, he lauded the employee of Stationery Office Supplies and his boss, whom he said got the ball rolling in taking decisions to do the right thing.

He also praised the boss for placing trust in his (the inspector’s) office to duly deliver the lost item to the owner.

Ritchie said the development was another indication that with a little effort, citizens can all work together to make Jamaica a far better place. 

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