Friday 24 May, 2019

Golding responds to Wheatley lawsuit, says conscience clean

Mark Golding

Mark Golding

Opposition spokesman on Finance, Mark Golding says he intends to defend himself vigorously against a defamation suit filed by Energy Minister Dr Andrew Wheatley.

The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday in the Supreme Court by Wheatley's attorneys, Carolyn Reid-Cameron and Chuck Cameron.

Golding later took to social media to claim his innocence and express his intention to fight the case.

"So I see that Mr Wheatley is suing me. I will be defending that law suit. My heart and conscience are clean, and they have always been my guide through life. One Love," Golding wrote on Facebook.

Golding, who is the Member of Parliament for South St Andrew, is also the Treasurer of the People’s National Party. He is being sued in relation to a post that appeared on his Facebook page about two weeks ago, in which he raised questions about the arrest of a man and whether said man was known to Wheatley.

According to the claim form, Golding used his Facebook account in an attempt to discredit and destroy Wheatley’s integrity.

The Minister is seeking general and exemplary damages as well as aggravated damages. And he has asked the court to grant an injunction barring Golding from republishing what it he claims are the defamatory words.

The lawsuit claims Mr Golding, who is a former Justice Minister, has failed to apologise. It said he knowingly exposed his defamatory comments to over 6,000 people and that his words were “maliciously published on or around June 14, 2018.”

Golding will have to indicate within a matter of weeks whether he will settle the claim, dispute aspects of the claim or file a counter suit.

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