Thursday 13 December, 2018

Glenmuir alumni brunch for innovation and creativity

Glenmuir High students via Glenmuir High's official wesite.

Glenmuir High students via Glenmuir High's official wesite.

The Glenmuir High School Past Students’ Association is ready to host their fourth annual fundraising brunch at Devon House, Kingston on Sunday, March 11.

The traditional Jamaican brunch will raise funds to offset the cost of building an Innovation Centre at the Glenmuir High School in May Pen, Clarendon.

“Glenmuir is on a mission to improve the approach to innovation and creativity in Jamaica, starting with one young mind at a time. We believe the launch of our Innovation Centre will be the first step in bridging the gap for young Jamaican high school children by facilitating an environment equipped with their technological needs,” shared Saundra Boreland Bailey, president of the Glenmuir High School Past Students’ Association. “Our decision to fund this project through our annual fundraiser has garnered tremendous support. 

“We feel proud of the turnout and are happy that we received support, not only from past students, but from many well-wishers and companies, who believe in the goal that the association is trying to achieve.”

Having had successful staging these past three years, the Glenmuir High School Past Students’ Association seeks to deliver an even greater calibre of fun and interaction, all for a worthy cause. The building of the Innovation Centre presents a beacon of hope to promote the teaching and learning in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics all aimed at nurturing of students to better contribute to national development.

The association has decided to make the Innovation Centre the focus of the annual fundraiser for the coming years as the project is very expensive. It believes in the vision of having a facility that will be modern and state-of-the-art. At this centre they intend to utilise all technology has to offer, to set the pace for innovation in high schools in Jamaica.

“We have had the same lab since 1976, and we want to improve these conditions tremendously. While the association contributes to providing mentorship, tuition subsidies and the breakfast programme, our long-term focus is the Innovation Centre. We will not dilute our focus, we want to see it become a reality,” imparted Bailey. She went on to explain that the association has created a task-force that ensures, even if administrations change, the Innovation Centre is priority and will come to fruition.

The East Lawns of the Devon House-hosted brunch will boast a variety of dishes that will have you reminiscing on the good old days, catered by the renowned Jacqui Tyson.

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