Thursday 21 February, 2019

Glasspole Brown is the new Director of Elections

Glasspole Brown has been appointed the country’s next Director of Elections. The announcement was made on Wednesday by the Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ).

Brown had been acting in the position since the shock resignation of the former director, Orrete Fisher, in March.

The ECJ, in a statement on Wednesday, said that the eight commissioners were unanimous in their selection of Brown to serve as elections director and head of the Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ).

The statement said Brown was given the nod following a selection process that was open to both internal and external applicants.

According to the statement, ECJ chairman, Diana Pine-McLarty is “very pleased” with Mr Brown’s selection. It said she is satisfied that the EOJ is in good hands.

Fisher walked away from the job in March while he was in the middle of a court case that was to determine whether he would continue as director.

He had taken the ECJ to court over its decision to extend his contract by one year after his initial seven year stint as Director of Elections had ended.

Fisher cited political influence as the main reason for throwing in the towel.

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