Saturday 19 September, 2020

Get to know L'Oréal Paris MUA Jason Guasch

Ways to keep them brows in check!

Ways to keep them brows in check!

L’Oréal Paris International make-up artist Jason Guasch checked in at the Loop headquarters recently to talk all things beauty with Loop Lifestyle.

On this, his fourth visit to The Rock, Guasch ensured all grounds were covered during the Beauty to the Next Level tour with the Fontana Pharmacy Group.

Before prepping a natural beat for In The Loop host Shanique Hayden, Guasch obliged a tête-á-tête with Loop Lifestyle reporter Kadeem Rodgers to discuss the season’s top trends!

In The Loop host Shanique Hayden after a glam session with Guasch.

The self-taught make-up artist, who’s been practising make-up for well over 15 years is all about leaving the skin au naturel.

“I like to enhance natural skin tones, on the lips, on the eyes, on the brows…I like everything to look as natural as possible.”

Guasch is quite knowledgeable and a trained artist, who's worked with several luxury make-up brands like Clinique, Giorgio Armani, MAC, Estée Lauder, and L’Oréal Paris brands Yves Saint Laurent and Lancôme.

Find out next season’s must-have eye-shadow below…

Kadeem Rodgers (kR): How did you become such an authority on make-up?

Jason Guasch (JG): I never studied make-up art. I studied art in school…so like perspective drawing, charcoal drawing…painting. Art is really where my schooling set in. I also went to pilot school to become a pilot; I ended up being a make-up artist and I’ve been doing [make-up] for 15 years now.

kR: When did you develop a love for make-up?

JG: I started out as a sales rep inside a Macy’s Department Store, and started playing around with fragrances before make-up. Little by little I started learning more about make-up. Art as a base helped me to change the canvas. Now, I love art and make-up.

kR: What did your parents think about you becoming a make-up artist?

JG: My parents would never have guessed that I would end up being a make-up artist. They thought “Are you serious? You wanna be a make-up artist?” … “Make-up is not a serious job.” But, my passion for it grew little by little and then I took a chance with L’Oréal; it’s been five years now.

kR: How has Chanel and the other luxury brands you’ve worked with influenced your artistry…

JG: Before Chanel, I worked at Laura Mercier Cosmetics. It was a very different school; a different type of customer as well. Chanel is more the glamorous, natural glam…so I learned a lot of that natural enhancing that I really like.

kR: What are the top make-up trends for Christmas?

JG: The trends include very fresh natural wear, very no make-up make-up; enhancing the glow; and non-transferable lipsticks, foundations, concealers, etc. Plus, all the new products are now waterproof.

kR: Why waterproof make-up?

JG: Customers are requesting more long-lasting products. For example, if you're at a pool or water party, or out in the sun a lot, you'll need make-up that lasts.

kR: If you were to pack a make-up kit for a client heading to a summer party series, what would be the must-haves?

JG: 1 I would have to pack a good primer: the Infallible Matte Lock.

2 I would love to pack my True Match foundation. It gives a very no make-up make-up look.

3 Unbelieva Brow is our brow product that lasts up-to-48 hours; it’s water- and oil-proof.

4 A good Rouge Signature Lip Stain. It will never end up looking cracked, matte, or flat.

5 The Infallible Pro-Last Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner for sure, and

6 Definitely my True Match LUMI Shimmerista. I love Shimmerista!kR: Any new products in the pipeline?

JG: L’Oréal is currently working on a lot of waterproof products such as the Infallible and Unbelieva Brow lines. There’s also a new mascara called the False Lash Bambi Eye mascara. There are a lot of mattifiers, products for oil control, etc.

There’s also this new brow pencil that you can literally draw hairs as you fill in. Almost like microblading.

2020 is also the year of going back to the natural enhancement of beauty.

For a guy who doesn’t wear make-up, I like to not see the make-up on the girls.

Guasch’s single most favourite thing about L’Oréal products… the fact that his clients aren't allergic to the products.

kR: What are your top two L’Oréal products…

JG: I like the True Match line. It is a very inclusive [brand] that has over 45 shades. I have a darker tone, a red tone, a yellow tone – a very inclusive variety of shades.

I love Infallible Foundation, they’re also waterproof, very long-lasting.

I also love Infallible Matte Lock, it’s a primer that helps control sweat and oil, almost like Milk of Magnesia (which I swear by).

kR: If you were to create a product inspired by Jamaica, what would it be?

JG: I like the red undertones here. A lot of the people I’ve seen have nice sepia [tones]. I would like to enhance that red, so anything from sunny red blush to sunny red eyeshadows, kinda like the red-orangey shade of the achiote seasoning. If I would get the opportunity to create a brand, I would probably call it Achiote – the fruit known to many Jamaicans as Annatto.

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