Wednesday 22 January, 2020

Gas prices up after two weeks

The price of 87 and 90 octane gasoline has been increased by $1.79 per litre effective Thursday, March 1. The upward price movement follows two weeks of reprieve when the price of the commodity went down by more than $4.00.

According to the latest ex-refinery costs from Petrojam, 87 and 90 octane gasoline will now sell for $121.14 and $123.98 per litre respectively.

At the same time, automotive diesel fuel will now sell for $119.72 per litre, following an increase of $1.14 while ultra-low sulphur diesel will sell for $124.69 following an increase of $1.14.

Meanwhile, the price for kerosene is now $102.32 following an increase of a $1.17.

Propane liquid petroleum is up $0.62 and will be now be sold for $47.18 per litre while butane liquid petroleum will be sold for $50.27, an increase of $3.15.

As is customary, market companies will add their respect margins.

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