Motor vehicle licence fees increase today

Effective today (March 13) motor vehicle licence and related fees will increase by 20 per cent to help close a $30 billion gap in the $715 billion budget.

Specifically, motor vehicle and driver's licence-related fees for taxis move from J$7,700 to J$9,240, while cars with a cc rating not exceeding 1199 will also pay $9,240, up from $7,700.

Those who own motor cars with a cc rating exceeding 1199, but not exceeding 2999cc, will now pay J$12,600 to licence their vehicles, up from J$10,500.

General driver’s licence fee will increase by $1,200 to $7,200.

An increase in the special consumption tax on petrol takes effect Wednesday.

Motorists who use unleaded gasoline, both 90 and 87 grades, will pay J$5.67 more per litre, and purchasing automotive diesel will have to spend an additional J$6.70 per litre.

Finance Minister Audley Shaw last week announced $13.5 billion in new taxes to help close a $30 billion gap in the $715 billion budget.