Tuesday 11 December, 2018

Funland Jamaica gets set opening hours for 2018

On July 21st, 2017 the space formerly known as Coconut Park to many Jamaicans reopened as Funland Jamaica.

The park opened during the heights of summer and saw steady and growing traffic over the period. For the remainder of the year the park operated on various weekends catering to both private bookings as well as the general public. With the success of the 2017 opening, the operators have now decided on more structured opening hours.

According to Paula Pinnock, Managing Director of FYI Consultancy Group, the operators of Funland Jamaica, “we wanted to go slow with our build out and certainly to see how the market responded to the parks operations. After what we can only describe as a successful launch in 2017 we believe that it is now time to move forward with more structured operating hours as the demand for the park by both the public and private individuals continues to increase.

"We are still in phase one of our long term plans to build a world class themed park here inside Hope Gardens and we are definitely encouraged by the response from patrons young and small to push forward," she said.

The fun park caters to kids of all ages and provides an alternative option for entertainment for parents in particular. With over 13 rides catering to the young and young at heart there is no shortage of entertainment once you are inside the park. The Park is divided into three main entertainment zones, Drop Zone, Fun Zone and Splash Zone. While most of the rides are set to encourage outside play the park does also have a gaming arcade for those who are looking for screen time action.

Coming out of a successful summer execution the operators were definitely pleased with the December operations at the park which included a Halloween event at the end of November, several school trips, private birthday parties as well as the hosting of their first major event Family Extravaganza.

According to Ms Pinnock “We are certainly encouraged and blessed by the number of persons seeking to use the park for school trips, corporate events as well as fundraisers.  The park will now operate for two weekends each month from Friday-Sunday with the the option and capability to host private events for persons seeking to do so. We are now fully focused on building out our operations which we started in December with the addition of a new pool with boat rides, a trampoline and bumper cars (our most popular attraction at the moment). We will also be going live with our website this January which will allow persons to have greater interface with the park and also to do rentals for some of the rides we have here”

The park was sponsored in 2017 by several corporate companies, PUMA, DIGICEL, JN SCHOOL SAVERS, THE GLEANER COMPANY LTD, RJR GROUP, LOVE FM, LASCO, IRIE FM, and ISLAND CURLZ and had meal package deals from KFC. The park is currently reviewing its sponsorship packages for 2018 which includes getting wider sponsorship support an increasing mass awareness for the parks operations.  

For the month of January Funland Jamaica’s operating hours will be Friday January 12th-14th and January 26th-28th from 10am-7pm. The park will also now open on public holidays giving Jamaicans and visitors the opportunity to plan ahead for their next fun visit!!

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