Saturday 4 July, 2020

Frightening early-morning jogging experience in Barbican, St Andrew

The police are searching for a gang of men who attempted to abduct a group of female runners in Barbican, upper St Andrew on Tuesday.

What started out as a regular exercise routine at about 5:45am, ended in a near death experience as the women were left running for their lives while the gang drove them down in a car.

"So this morning a group of us go running. Mid-way coming back, a white Probox (motorcar) drives down on us and takes a sharp turn (before) coming to a stop on a side road behind the group," said a female spokesperson from the joggers.

Things quickly went downhill from there.

"We see two guys get out of the car and we literally ran off like our lives depended on it,” said the woman from the group, via her Twitter page.

“Realising that they weren’t going to catch us on foot. They got back in the car to drive us down… We had to jump a fence into someone’s yard, at which point I cut my thigh open on some spikes and will likely need stitches and a tetanus shot."

It is not clear if by then all members of the group were together.

The woman revealed all the runners were screaming for help and, from what they could see, the men in the car were parked and waiting by the side of the road.

“The guys see us go over the fence, we’re all screaming for assistance by the way, and the men were waiting for us at the road. So we climbed another fence which thankfully set off the alarm to those people’s house,” elaborated the female runner.

She said her terrified group were allowed to stay at the house where they sought refuge until help arrived.

“They allowed us to stay there and calm down and call someone to come pick us up, and they called King Alarm,” said the spokesperson.

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