Friday 29 May, 2020

FOUR THE FRIGHTENING WAY: cops point to new robbery scheme downtown

Members of the public who do business in and around downtown Kingston are being warned to be on the lookout for criminals who are now using a number of new methods to rob their victims of valuables.

Police personnel who patrol the busy commercial hub of the capital city say a particular new method can be quite frightening for the victims.

Unlike the traditional method of attacking persons and grabbing valuables like chains, which creates commotions that draw attention to their actions, the latest scheme involves a level of trauma that is calculated to the point where the victims do not even want to call out for help.

The method has allowed criminals to successfully carry out attacks in close proximity to law enforcement personnel, achieving success virtually ‘under their nose’.

“What is now happening is that these criminals, instead of running and grabbing items from their victims, they are walking up to unsuspecting members of the public in groups of three and four, and are able to intimidate victims to the point where they are afraid to call out for help, and feel they have to comply to the wishes of the criminals to hand over their valuables,” a police source told Loop News.

The source gave an example.

“Imagine you are walking (in) downtown Kingston, minding your own business, when a group of men - sometimes three or four - walk up to you, one to the right, one to the left, and the others behind you.

“Before you even know it, the men, in a cool and calculated manner, tell you that you are being robbed, and that the member walking behind you has a gun, which is trained on you.

“You are also warned that if you scream, the man walking behind you is ready to shoot you on the spot.”

“Buss out him/har head back,” was given as the likely warning from the gangsters, which would be craftily delivered by one member of the group.

Another member of the group quickly tells the man supposedly with the gun not to hurt the victim as yet, only if he or she resists handing over the valuables which the group is targeting.

The typical victim becomes so traumatised by the actions from the menacing group members surrounding him or her, that the option most often taken is to remain quiet, the police source explained.

Before the victims fully realise what is happening, the men would have robbed them and made their escape.

The method is said to be so sophisticated that sometimes it takes place within a few feet from where police personnel are present, but because the victims are so traumatise and scared stiff, they refrain from raising an alarm.

Police operating in downtown report that they have been receiving numerous reports of robberies, but say one of the biggest challenge they face to clamp down on the illegal acts is the unwillingness of the actual victims to make the reports.

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