Thursday 28 May, 2020

Former patient says he's doing fine after recovering from COVID-19

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The first person to be discharged from hospital in Jamaica, having fully recovered from COVID-19, is reporting that he had only mild symptoms and is now doing fine.

Referred to as ‘Patient Five’, the man was earlier this week discharged from the St Ann’s Bay Hospital in St Ann where he was admitted last month and subsequently tested positive for the respiratory disease.

On Wednesday, the now recovered patient joined a digital press conference hosted by the Ministry of Health and Wellness, at the invitation of the Minister, Dr Christopher Tufton, by telephone.

Dubbed ‘Mr R’ by Tufton, the ex-patient revealed that his experience while he was hospitalised was generally good.

“While I was there, I wasn’t feeling no pain and no side effect…I was doing alright," the man said.

He said other patients around him seemed to be experiencing more severe symptoms.

“From where I was, I heard plenty people coughing and sometimes even crying, praying and stuff like that, so I know that the COVID was a serious challenge for them.

“For me it wasn’t such a challenge because I never had any side effects like any running nose, nuh coughing, nuh heavy cold and so forth; only like for three days in the first (instance),” Mr R shared.

He explained that he was admitted to hospital on March 10 and that, three days prior, he had a “little cough with a little cold..."

“I tested positive with symptoms of the COVID and was there for a while but within myself I never really felt sick…,” he explained. Mr R said he has been staying at home since his discharge from the hospital and that he was feeling well.

For his part, Tufton stressed that Jamaicans should appreciate that, while persons may get ill from COVID-19, recovery is possible with treatment.

“With that recovery you can become as normal as any other person within the society and you should be allowed to take your rightful place in your community with your family, with your friends …we really want to discourage the discrimination,” Tufton stated.

He noted that persons suspected of having COVID-19 have been subjected to abuses and threats and isolation after being shunned by others.

Tufton cautioned that, “There are a lot of Jamaicans who are going to have COVID-19, next year this time it may be just like HINI or the flu and what we want the society to do is to help each other, not to treat anyone as an outcast”.

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