Sunday 12 July, 2020

Five businesses found guilty of breaching single-use plastic ban

The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) is reporting that five business were found in breach of the Natural Resources Conservation Authority (Plastic Packaging Materials Prohibition) Order as it concerns single-use plastic bags in the Corporate Area Parish Court on Thursday.

Six matters were mentioned. The defendants were the Orient Express Limited, Doreen’s Restaurant, Taurus Garden, Azan’s Discount Fabric Limited, Kidtopia Limited and Juici Patties Limited.

The court handed down sentences of $30,000 or 30 days in prison in five of the four pleas.

In recognition of its record of good environmental stewardship, Juici Patties Limited was sentenced $15,000 or 30 days in prison. Kidtopia Limited pleaded not guilty. That matter is listed to be mentioned a second time on Thursday, February 6.

Attorney for NEPA, Stewart Panton said: “NEPA has engaged in extensive public education campaigns; our enforcement team has and continues to assiduously with stakeholders. However, there are still people and companies who are intent on flouting the law. The agency has ramped up its efforts and will continue to take action against offenders. The on-going enforcement drive is as a result of comprehensive enforcement and compliance strategy that NEPA has operationalized.”

NEPA is inviting businesses to come into compliance with the plastic ban.

Failure to do so may result in criminal charges being brought under the Natural Resources Conservation Authority (Plastic Packaging Material Prohibition) Order or the Trade (Plastic Packaging Material Prohibition) Order.

The public is reminded that it is an offence to import, manufacture, distribute or use single-use plastic bags of dimensions not exceeding 24x24 inches and 1.2 mils in thickness; and plastic drinking straws.

The importation, manufacture, distribution and use of expanded polystyrene foam products used in the food and beverage industry is also prohibited.

Breaches of the PPM Orders can be reported to NEPA by calling 876-285-8531, 875-754-7540 as work to preserve the environment or toll-free 888-991-9005 or email


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