Sunday 17 February, 2019

Jamaican firefighter offers to light romantic fires with new book

Albert 'Richard' Robinson shows off his new book, 'Nine Inches of Jamaica'.

Albert 'Richard' Robinson shows off his new book, 'Nine Inches of Jamaica'.

For those persons looking for a big dose of sexual tension and some gorgeously dirty words on Valentine's Day, you can rest easy that Jamaican firefighter Albert 'Richard' Robinson will be looking to serve up a dollop of vulgar, intelligent proses with the release of his second novel entitled “Nine Inches of Jamaica” (yes that is the real title). Alas, you will have to wait until February 26th to cop the book on Amazon, but forewarned is forearmed (not a dirty joke), or so they say,  

"My book is romance erotica, written for the ladies in mind. It has a good story line, good format, and is the steamiest romance novel of 2018. Ladies who want a saucy romance novel to read can put down Fifty Shades of Grey now cause this is it," Robinson told Loop Jamaica reporter Claude Mills. 

Robinson landed a minor award in the  2011 Jamaica Cultural Development Commission writing competition, with his novel, 'Locks on the Cross', which tackled the 1963 Coral Gardens incident. Now, he is on to lighter, juicier fare. 

"I have been getting a lot of great reviews for the novel. It is about 60,000 words, about 30 chapters, and I am looking to showcase it to the world," he said. 

A graduate of Cornwall College, Robinson is still employed as a fire-fighter, but writes in his spare time when he is not dousing local blazes. 

"I used to do poems as well; a novel is a different ball game. This is not a novella, it is a different ball game, you have to have a drive to get it done," he said. 

Anxious readers can find the steamy romance themed book on Amazon, the world’s largest eBook retailer as well as a variety of other platforms for purchase. 

Persons are encouraged to visit Facebook or Youtube for future updates in regard to the book that Robinson said will bring that sexy flavour back to reading. Robinson gives it a riveting endorsement and ensures “this is the hottest romance novel out of Jamaica and a must read for the ladies”.

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