Saturday 29 February, 2020

Firearm found at funeral service shoot-up scene in St James

Detectives from the St James Police Division say they found a firearm at the scene of Saturday’s fatal shooting at a funeral service in Salt Spring, St James, during which five persons were shot and injured.

The police have launched a high-level investigation into the incident which took place despite a public state of emergency in the parish.

One man, identified as Michael Bernard of a Quarry, Salt Spring address, died from the attack.

Reports are that at about 3:15 p.m., pall bearers were taking the casket of a slain community member, Oshane Duhaney, out of a church in the area and heading to a waiting chariot in Quarry square, when gunmen went to the location and opened fire at participants in the funeral.

The loud explosions sent scores of mourners scampering for cover as the armed thugs peppered the gathering with bullets.

The gunmen then made their escape from the area.

On their arrival, the police found Bernard and the other persons suffering from gunshot wounds.

They were rushed to hospital, where Bernard was pronounced dead and the others were admitted.

During a search of the area, the firearm was found.


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