Saturday 4 April, 2020

Fighting vendors suddenly agree on peace talks

Two vendors who came to blows in Manor Park, St Andrew months ago, and have been feuding since then, suddenly decided to seek restorative justice in a bid to quell the matter when they appeared in court on Monday.

One of the men, Roy Edwards, was charged with assault, for which he spent some time behind bars on detention. Edwards and Christopher Boyd were fighting in the popular St Andrew hub, reportedly over $5,000 that went missing from a stall.

The police told the court that Edwards visited the Constant Spring Police Station in a bloodied state after the incident.

Both men had appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court back in May, and Edwards was then ordered to stay as far from Boyd as possible until they returned to court on Monday.

But interestingly, before presiding Judge, Vaugh Smith, could start the proceedings, both men indicated to Clerk of Court, Hansurd Lawson, that they were willing to talk over their differences.

They will have to return to court to give the findings of the mediation sessions and hear the verdict of the court, which is scheduled for July 29.

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