Sunday 29 March, 2020

Fight over $5,000 between Manor Park vendors ends up in court

A fight between two vendors who ply their wares at Manor Park in Constant Spring ended up in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Monday.

One of the vendors, Roy Edwards, was charged with assault and spent two weeks in jail for the incident.

Edwards is accused of injuring his colleague vendor after a sum of $5,000 went missing from his stall. He is said to have accused the complainant and during a dispute, the complainant was left with a bloody face.

Two weeks ago the court was also informed that Edwards was issuing threats to the injured vendor and he was ordered to be taken into custody to reflect by Senior Parish Judge, Vaughn Smith.

However with the arresting officer’s statement and a medical report still outstanding, the full extent of the complainant’s injuries could not be ascertained.

An investigating officer who was present told the court that the complainant came to the Constant Spring Police Station bloodied and was told to visit the doctor.

“Is that in your statement?” the judge asked the cop.

“I hope so,” he replied to outbursts of laughter from some of his senior colleagues.

Edward’s attorney, Charles Williams gave an impassioned plea for his client. He entered four character witness statements into evidence and asked Judge Smith to allow his client bail.

“He will have no further contact with the complainant Your Honour. He can stay at a farm in Brandon Hill and report to the Stony Hill Police,” Williams said.

Edwards was granted bail and ordered to report to the police every Wednesday and Saturday, but not before being sternly warned by the judge.

“Mr Edwards you are to have no contact with the complainant whatsoever. If any of the conditions of your bail are breached you will be taken back into custody. You heard me?”

“Yes, your honour,” Edwards answered meekly.

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