Saturday 17 August, 2019

Fiery protest in Waltham Park! Residents claim police killed man in cold blood

The dead man has been identified as Andre Denton, a 29-year-old farmer of a Kingston address.

Residents said, at about 6:00am they were in their homes when they heard gunshots. They said they rushed to an area called Metcalfe Road off Waltham Park Road to investigate and saw members of a police team at the home of Denton.

Soon after they said they saw police carrying out  the bullet riddled body of Denton.

Police have declined to disclose what took place, but residents claim the shooting was in cold blood.

"The youth in a the house a beg for him life even after the police ask him name and him tell them. Them ask for another person, him say him no name so and them just start shoot him even after him a plea for him life," said one resident.

The residents claim that, after the police shot and killed the man, they heard one of the police claim it was the wrong man.

"When them shot him, one a them bawl out and say a the wrong man," said another resident, who took to the street to join others in protest, burning tyres and other debris to block the roadways.

Police have neither confirmed nor denied the reports.

Police and firefighters are now in the area trying to put out the blaze and clear the road way.

UPDATE: 'No Officer! No Officer!': Sister of man killed by police recalls brother's painful last moments


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