Sunday 23 February, 2020

Female catfight, including stabbing, over a man called ‘Howard’

There seems to be something about a man named Howard that makes women fight like cats.

That conclusion appeared reasonable when two women appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Wednesday because a fight broke out between them over one ‘Howard’.

One of the women had a child with him, while the other is now his beau.

Both are charged with wounding.

Shanell Ann Nicholson and Christina Forbes are at loggerheads, all over the man called Howard.

Interestingly, when the matter came up in court, Howard was nowhere to be found.

"Where is Howard in all of this?" asked the curious Parish Judge, Vaughn Smith.

Forbes claimed that she was cut in the face by Nicholson. She told the court that Nicholson dressed like a man and attacked her in Meadowbrook, St Andrew.

But Nicholson denied the allegation. She claimed that Forbes came to her house and started a catfight that was broken up by her cousin, who ended up being stabbed in the process.

"I was at my house when I saw this figure outside. She said she wanted to speak with me. If I had cut her in her face, why would I open my door and let her in, your honour?" Nicholson asked.

She said Fobs attacked her and starting brawling even before they could talk things over, and that was when her cousin stepped in and tried to break up the skirmish.

But Forbes had a totally different account of things.

She claimed that Nicholson's cousin rushed out with a knife and during the ensuing struggle, the knife fell and she managed to gain control of the weapon, and that was how the other female got injured.

But the judge would have none of it.

He berated Forbes for going to Nicholson's house.

"Do you admit that you were wrong to go to her house? What you think would happen? You think she would come out and apologise? You can agree that you made a big mistake by going to the house?" the judge asked.

"Yes, your honour," Forbes replied.

But the magistrate was not finished.

"Your argument is with ‘Howard’, you shouldn't be arguing with her," Judge Smith said.

The matter has been sent to mediation, and all the parties were ordered to return to court on June 24.

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