Monday 27 January, 2020

Family of five to be sentenced for hacking mentally-ill man to death

The St Ann family of five that has been convicted of the brutal murder of a mentally-challenged man at his home in Claremont in the parish in 2007, will know today how much time they will likely be spending behind bars.

Velma Deans, her husband, Joseph, and their three adult sons – Dwight, Jermaine and Richard, were found guilty last year of the murder of Stanley McClean, who was chopped and stoned to death inside his house before his feet were tied and his body dragged into the street.

He had been accused of stealing a piece of electrical cord from the Deans’ property.

Velma was described by the prosecution at the trial as the ‘bull, buck and duppy conqueror’. Evidence was given that she led her family to McClean’s house after making a report at the police station about the alleged theft, and personally chopped McClean all over his body.

The victim’s elderly father, Audley, testified that he witnessed the incident.

Sentencing for the Deans clan was put off earlier this month because Joseph, who was said to be ill, was not present in court.

Having been convicted on the capital charge, the family members face life in prison.

Attorney Ernest Smith, who represents the Deans, has given notice of his intention to appeal the convictions.

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