Friday 23 October, 2020

Falmouth mayor bats for wide-scale CCTV coverage of the town

Colin Gager

Colin Gager

Falmouth Mayor, Colin Gager, is planning to meet with members of the Trelawny business community, in particular the Chinese business operators in the parish capital, with a view of getting their support to increase the installation of closed-circuit cameras in the town.

Gager was speaking at the recent monthly meeting of the Trelawny Municipal Corporation against the background of the Sunday, April 5 robbery of some $14 million from a Chinese businessman in the parish by men posing as police personnel.

The robbers also reportedly relieved the businessman of his licensed firearm and two magazines with sixty 9mm cartridges.

"I believe we should be having a meeting soon, especially with the business people from the Chinese community, because we think that one of the best investment for the township of Falmouth is getting cameras so that it covers everywhere,” Gager said during the meeting which was streamed live.

He argued that the number of CCTV cameras in the township is inadequate, and expressed the need for more of the security devises to provide full coverage.

“We have CCTV cameras, but we don’t have enough for the township, so we are now thinking that every business place should be covered, every street should be covered,” Gager said.

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