Friday 18 October, 2019

Extended road closure in May Pen

The intersection at Trenton Road and Paisley Avenue in May Pen, Clarendon will remain closed for the next five days.

The National Works Agency (NWA) has advised that it has extended the closure to facilitate continuing pipe-laying works under the Paisley to Guinep Tree road improvement project.

According to the NWA, the works, which started Monday, will involve trenching across the roadway to install higher-capacity 8-inch water mains.

As such, vehicular traffic will be restricted from entering the town of May Pen from either Trenton Road or Paisley Avenue during the period of works.

The NWA is advising the motoring public to use the established alternative routes via the Bustamante Highway, Glenmuir Road and Anderson Drive when entering the town until the roadway is reopened on Saturday, February 2.

The reverse obtains when leaving the town. Hazard Drive and Trenton Road may be used to get on to the Bustamante Highway when travelling from Paisley or Chateau.

Manager, Communication and Customer Services at the NWA, Stephen Shaw said the current works are the final part of a larger water supply improvement project, involving the upgrading of some 1.7 kilometers of pipelines, which serve the communities of Chateau and Paisley.

It is one of the projects under the Major Infrastructure Development Programme (MIDP) on which the NWA is collaborating with the National Water Commission to improve service supply and infrastructure in some communities.

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