Wednesday 19 February, 2020

EU celebrates 60 years since the Treaty of Rome

Head of the EU Delegation, Ambassador Malgorzata Wasilewska.

Head of the EU Delegation, Ambassador Malgorzata Wasilewska.

It is 60 years since the signing of the Treaty of Rome.

The Delegation of the European Union to Jamaica celebrated that anniversary at a sumptuous ceremony held at the Mona Visitors Lodge at the University of the West Indies.

The Treaty of Rome signalled the birth of the European Union which is now the second largest trading block in the world.

Speaking at the ceremony, Head of the EU Delegation, Ambassador Malgorzata Wasilewska said:

“I want to reiterate that after 60 years of remarkable successes, including seven enlargements and 28 Member States, the Union is resilient and more than ever there is a strong sense of unity and determination to continue to uphold the EU's core values and continue the process of integration and cooperation for our citizens.

“Using the words of Federica Mogherini herself in her own Europe day message: In the current global environment, our friends around the world look at us… look at the European Union as a reliable superpower for peace and human development. This doesn’t mean we are perfect. Far from that. Change in the European Union is necessary. But change is possible and is happening.”

“We are unwavering in our commitment to strengthen cooperation with countries like Jamaica who share these values that we hold dear. Today - the EU stands tall as the most successful peace project in our history. It is also the world's largest market and the leading foreign investor in most parts of the globe”.

“As Europeans, what we are most proud of is that - as we have grown, we have extended support to others development through investments in development cooperation and humanitarian aid.”

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EU celebrates Treaty of Rome

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