Thursday 21 March, 2019

‘Entrepreneurship Meets Live Music’ event set for December

Chief Executive Officer of Red A Red Music Group, Autarchii, along with humanitarian organisation Life Yard, will on December 22, host what they are promoting as a unique business/entertainment event that will cater primarily to young, entrepreneurs.

The venue for the event that has been dubbed ‘Entrepreneurship Meets Live Music’ is 44 Fleet Street in Kingston.

According to Autarchii, the idea behind the event stems from the fact that “Jamaica is known across the world as a habitat that spawns natural talent, whether in the field of business, sports, music, food, academia or others.”

Autarchii and his team are hoping to capitalize on what he describes as “the hustle mentality and 'self driveness' of Jamaicans to survive.”

This, he said is part of a “hidden culture” which has in large part made Jamaica what it truly is, but which rarely gets highlighted.

“Red A Red Music intends to bring such an informal culture to the forefront with the staging of ‘Entrepreneurship Meets Live Music’,” Autarchii said in a press release.

The day/night event is scheduled to get underway at 12:00 noon. It will feature a children’s entrepreneurship competition, a symposium, panel discussion, expo/entrepreneurial display and documentary screening. The day’s events will be capped by a youth entrepreneur of the year award and a live acoustic session that is set to start at 6:00 p.m.

 “Collectively our aim is to transfer the hustle mentality of millennials into businesses that could see them striving beyond the phase of edgy survival into a phase of financial security. The mission is to also create a safe haven for young entrepreneurs which would see them networking, with the possibility of cross-marketing in different sectors,” Autarchii stated while promising more details in the coming weeks.

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