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Entertainers serve up for charity in SunCity Cook-Off

'Bad Gyal' Ce'Cile whips up her shrimp pasta during the SunCity Bubble Di Pot For Charity Cook-Off at Mandela Park in Half-Way Tree recently. (PHOTOS: Marlon Reid)

'Bad Gyal' Ce'Cile whips up her shrimp pasta during the SunCity Bubble Di Pot For Charity Cook-Off at Mandela Park in Half-Way Tree recently. (PHOTOS: Marlon Reid)

Scores of Jamaicans lapped up the culinary expressions by some of the island’s entertainers who prepared various dishes in the SunCity Bubble Di Pot For Charity Cook-Off at Mandela Park in Half-Way Tree, St Andrew recently.

The annual event attracted a field of eight entertainers this year, split into two groups of four, with one group matching and blending products from different sponsors to provide breakfast for members of the public, while the other prepared lunch.

The breakfast group had last year’s Digicel Rising Stars winner Short Boss, Bluugo, Climaxx and Nickeishia Barnes while the afternoon group had Ce’Cile, Stacious, Pamputtae and Superhype.

For the entertainers, who were each teamed with a SunCity personality, the occasion was more than just being a chef for the day, but also about giving back to the charity of their choice, from funds raised by organisers SunCity Radio.

Only the winner’s charity benefitted, with Bluugo winning the breakfast cook-off and Stacious the lunch section.

Short Boss did a traditional Jamaican breakfast dish: boiled dumplings, dasheen, yam and other ground provisions, with cabbage and saltfish. He also had a vegetable mix and vegetable kebab that includes plantain, cheese and sausage.

He said, “it was great. I mean mi caan cook but I went out and I did my best, but my speciality is performing so I just went and shell the place.

“Anything to do with charity, helping people, helping kids, helping anybody at all, once it includes helping somebody I am on board,” Short Boss said.

Likewise, Ce’Cile admitted to needing some work inside the kitchen, but said she was determined to win the event with her shrimp pasta to be able to assist her charity, the Village All Age School in Moneague, St Ann.

“I will support anything that is for charity," she said, before jokingly adding "I cannot cook so maybe I will learn something or pick up a thing. I like to watch people cook and I am a great assistant.”

Unlike Short Boss and Ce’Cile, Stacious was confident with her skills inside the kitchen and provided a jerk pork alfredo with garlic bread to go with rum punch.

Stacious, who is also part of the SunCity family, said, “naturally anything that is charity oriented, I’m definitely on for it. My charity for this event is the physiotherapy department at the Kingston Public Hospital, where I now currently volunteer weekly. So it’s an opportunity for me to do something for them and I absolutely love cooking so it’s a perfect blend.”

Main sponsors CPJ and Lasco were excited that they were able to join SunCity to deliver a top-quality event that will assist a worthy cause.

Shanae Bennett, Brand Associate at CPJ, said, “we are always welcoming to any philanthropic idea, any form of charity event, so this year when SunCity approached us and wanted us to be a part of the charity programme with celebrities, there was no choice.”

The CPJ stall at the event was a favourite among the gathering, with their pre-seasoned pork attracting a lot of attention. The zest shown was for all three varieties – jerk, barbecue and shoulder roast.

SunCity FM Cook Off 2018

CPJ also had chef Felix Nelson demonstrating how to cook their Caribbean Kai fish, that Bennett explained could be done in six minutes, with each side getting an equal share of the time.

Brand manager of Lasco, Nicole Masters, said, “Lasco is all about giving back and that’s really what we stand for as we have always looked out for the average Jamaican man, just about every Jamaican.

“So when SunCity decided that they are going to do this bubble the pot and it’s a charity event, there was no hesitation on our part,” Masters said.

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