Friday 3 July, 2020

Enjoy A Cashless Christmas with MultiLink

Enjoy a cashless Christmas with MultiLink

Enjoy a cashless Christmas with MultiLink

‘Tis the Season: for shopping, sprucing up the home; getting all you need for Christmas Dinner or last-minute holiday emergencies…  all as much part and parcel of the Jamaican festive season, as the traditional sorrel, fruitcake, and ham.  However, with the holiday period of merriment now in full bloom, as you make your way through crowded supermarkets, shopping plazas, shops, and other retail spots, restaurants or pay bills, bear in mind that it’s wiser to go cashless as much as possible when paying for goods or services. 

Be smart! Use your MultiLink debit card.  With MultiLink, shopping is safer as there is no need to travel with large sums of money. Using your Multilink card gives you the power to control your money, and how you spend it. The MultiiLink network of ABM’s and Points of Sale machines are available and unmatched in terms of access, across Jamaica.  Its network is readily available at more than 11,000 Points-Of-Sale locations across the island. So making shopping trips without cash in your pocket is easier, safer and more convenient.

The Multilink platform is secure and consistently up, running and ready to handle the thousands of transactions across many banking platforms in this super-busy Season, so that you have the reassurance of being able to beat the Christmas – cashless style!!

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