Thursday 9 July, 2020

Education Ministry in talks on improving values, attitude

Education Minister Ruel Reid on Thursday hosted a roundtable discussions centred on the nation’s deteriorating values and attitudes and possible corrective measures.

Aside from Senator Reid, the meeting included Mike Riddle, president of Creation Training Initiative; Rev Al Miller, chairman of Whole Life Ministries; Garth Rowe, pastor of Solid Rock; Robert Lawrence, director of administration at the Fellowship Tabernacle; and Michael Aiken, director of communication at Fellowship Tabernacle.

Reid explained to the group the Ministry's position and the steps being taken in the school system to change the attitudes of young people.

Rev Miller told Loop News that Reid position is that values and attitude in the society is “clearly something that needs to be strengthened”.

Miller said the nation leaders needed to identify and “sign off” on a set of values and make them a priority in an effort to shift improve values and attitude in the society, especially in the younger generation.

“We have talked about it for the past 15 to 20 years but there has been no commitment to it,” Miller groused. “Education of the next generation is key, how we educate in the family, how we educate in the church and how we educate in school.”

Miller noted that a breakdown of order and discipline in the society has contributed to the breakdown in values and values, adding that there has to be “driving vision” that people can buy into.

He said the media would have to be onboard to help make the drive a success.

FEATURED IMAGE: Education Minister Ruel Reid hosting roundtable on values and attitude.  


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