Thursday 9 April, 2020

Earthquake reported across several parishes locally

Scores of Jamaicans have reported that they felt the effects of an earthquake across several parishes locally

There has been no official report from the Earthquake Unit about the development, some Jamaicans have however taken to social media, while others have been calling into the Loop News Centre to report that they felt what they believed was an earthquake.

Among the social media postings on the matter was the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) on its official Twitter page asking the question: “Did you feel the earthquake in Kingston,” the JCF stated on the page.

Quick out of the block was sprint star, Usain Bolt who said he felt a similar effects at his house.

“Was that an earthquake or my house moving ?” Bolt wrote on his twitter page. 

“I also felt it in August Town and it scared the hell out of me,” said another user, Chantelle Minott.

“I am near to South Camp Road region and I felt it,” said another user.

“Jamaica, we just had an earthquake,” said politician Raymond Pryce on his Twitter page.

And it appears the matter should soon be reaching the attention of the cabinet as one member of the body Health Minister, Dr Christopher Tufton chimed in with his comment: “Felt the earthquake? Hope that you are all safe.”

He made the comment while calling on persons to take the appropriate emergency action if necessary.

Loop News continues to track the developing story.

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