Tuesday 15 October, 2019

Dunn, Alexis make their case for South East St Mary

Dr Norman Dunn (left) and Dr Shane Alexis on Nomination Day.

Dr Norman Dunn (left) and Dr Shane Alexis on Nomination Day.

Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) candidate, Dr Norman Dunn, has cited under-development as a major problem in South East St Mary, with unemployment and housing deficiencies among the major challenges there.

In an interview after his nomination for the October 30 by-elections in South East St Mary on Monday, Dr Dunn said he is looking forward to a comfortable victory over the People’s National Party’s (PNP) Dr Shane Alexis, to begin the journey to bring effective representation to the constituency.

Dr Norman Dunn shows the JLP's "V" sign on Nomination Day. 

In declaring that he had lived the lives of the people of the constituency and triumphed over the challenges which he faced, he said he is looking forward to spring-boarding a turn towards prosperity for the people in general.

He said he did not expect a close contest, and declared atop his youthful-looking ‘Bank Robber’ Clarkes shoes that, “we are going to sweep South East St Mary”.

On the other side of the political divide, Dr Alexis, whose nomination was wrought with logistical challenges due to the jam-packed Annotto Bay main street with both JLP and PNP supporters and motor vehicles, had as a central theme of his campaign, a focus on “leadership by example”.

Amid jovially expounding the constituents’ new-found love for him as “Sugar Shane”, he proudly paraded with a giant half a length of sugarcane, akin to Beenie Man’s ‘Girls Dem Sugar’ hype.

Dr Shane Alexis addresses journalists after his nomination on Monday.

In also citing some of the basic challenges of the constituency, Dr Alexis said the problems definitely need some keen attention going forward.

He said the focus should be to not only work harder at solving the problems of the constituency, but to work smarter in the process.

He also said he saw no real issue with stepping from the public health service into representational politics, as “in the small country that Jamaica is, such (potential) conflicts will always arise”.

Dr Alexis said for him, “the focus is really on seeking to help build the country”.

Shane Alexis Nomination

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