Monday 26 October, 2020

Don’t take me for no idiot, judge warns accused ‘wife’ beater

Bobby Dixon was before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court last week for physically abusing his former spouse, and his explanation to Parish Judge, Chester Crooks, was found wanting.

Dixon is accused of kicking down the door to his ex’s home in Central Kingston, squeezing her throat, punching her in the face, and further physically hurting the mother of his two and five-year-old children.

He was previously ordered to stay away from the family home, but has been accused of not following the court ruling, and constantly pestering his ex.

The court was told that Dixon still has possessions, including a bed, at the home.

But he denied the allegations.

“Is lie, your honour. Me not guilty. Can I sit and speak, as I have been having the flu for four days?” Dixon asked.

The judge was not amused, but granted the request.

“Me know mi look simple, but mi nuh like nobody tek mi fi idiot. If you give me the wrong answer, I am going to remand you in custody,” Judge Crooks told a stunned Dixon.

The accused man’s countenance changed immediately after the mention of him being locked up until his next court date.

In no time, he was close to tears.

Maybe the judge was swayed towards mercy by the explanation that was given by Dixon’s former spouse.

She seemed sorry for her children’s father, and requested that the judge send them to get counselling.

“Is jealousy, sir. I don’t know how this going work out, but we need counselling,” the woman said softly.

Judge Crooks seemed moved, eventually and ordered Dixon to stay away from the family home until the next court date, which will be after both parties seek restorative justice.

They are to return to court on October 25.

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