Saturday 26 September, 2020

Don Reid tells 'Rebel Salute' story

Don Reid

Don Reid

Talented recording artiste Don Reid has been racking up rave reviews for his latest single, 'Rebel Salute', which is a humorous re-telling of an infamous incident at the popular reggae show in 2018. 

"I'm a huge fan of Rebel Salute and have never missed a staging since the event moved to St Ann. The song is a hilarious recollection of the conditions that fans endured at the 2018 staging of the Rebel Salute concert. It was done to remind patrons and organisers of the event that we should not take life too seriously and that most adversities are temporary and can be overcome," Don Reid said. 

The single was officially released on March 29, 2019 on Reid's SampleMan label.

While some may believe that the song is a stinging rebuke of the organisational problems that sometimes shadow the popular calendar event, Rebel Salute, Don Reid believes it is quite the opposite. He heaped praise on the organisers.

"You have to give credit where credit is due. The 2019 staging was very successful and fans and organisers can look back and smile that the worst has passed. Tony Rebel himself told me that the song was lyrically bad and he was actually laughing at the song," Don Reid said.  

The single is part of Don Reid's new MO: latch onto a subject of topical importance, using its gravity to anchor his attempt at satire. Don Reid first vaulted into the spotlight with the belly-hugging new single, 'Hospital Food', then followed up with his sophomore effort, 'Courts' which turned out to be  an even bigger hit with generating in excess of 600,000 views on various social media platforms within a few weeks of the single's release. 

The 'Courts' song mirrors the financial stresses that many persons experience after entering into hire-purchase type arrangements and the often-hilarious results.  It is a consistent thread in all of Don Reid's music: laughter and hilarity.  These days, that takes some doing. How, after all, with so much pain in the air and so many constraints on what’s allowed to be funny, do we find the heart and permission to laugh? Easy, Don Reid, says. 

"I like to make people laugh, it is our capacity as Jamaicans to laugh at our problems that makes us so strong" he said. 

He is booked to appear on the Jamaica International Kite Festival on April 22, Rock for a Cause headlined by Richie Stevens, and the Powerful Men and Women for Charity this Summer. 

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