Thursday 2 July, 2020

Distance learning boost expected from new KSAMC Junior Council website

Some members of the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) Junior Council.

Some members of the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) Junior Council.

In light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and distance learning protocols, online schooling has become the new reality for students not only in Jamaica, but around the world.

As the country seeks to become more technologically advanced, the education system must naturally follow.

In that vein, the Junior Councillors of the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) have collaborated to create EduLink JA (, a website created for the youth by the youth.

The website contains material for the upcoming CSEC and CAPE examinations, as well as study tips and strategies to help youth achieve academic excellence.

The site seeks to cater to students trying to adjust to working from home due to the closure of schools, and is geared at facilitating the shift that is required to prepare for examinations by granting access to past papers, study guides and study tips, as well as other resource materials.

“This is one way of allowing our youth to see that despite facing challenging times, their fellow youth leaders are advocating for them and fighting the good fight to ensure that no student is left behind, which is the foundation of our Junior Council campaign,” stated Danielle Jonas, KSAMC’s Youth Chief Executive Officer.

KSAMC Junior Council members

The project is also to provide both CAPE and CSEC students with access to data to assist in their studies, and is available to students island-wide who otherwise could not acquire the necessary material for exam preparations.

“We are in the works to partner with the Ministry of Education, other councils and AIM Educational Services to upgrade the portal so students can access materials for different subject areas, with and without Internet access,” Junior Councillor Tarun Chatani, who also designed the site, outlined.

“The Government has websites with materials that do not even require Internet access, but many students are not aware of this, and as such, we plan to explore that and make it happen. Phase two will include material for early childhood centres and primary/prep schools to make it more inclusive. The council as such, will be serving in our capacity to be a stepping stone, and integrate the new virtual education system that will exist after COVID19,” Junior Councillor Abigail Wehby added.

The site will be shared using the council’s social media platforms, to assist with the goal of building resilient communities through local governance.

Jonas said the purpose of the creation of a website was to not only assist the student population with the transition to online learning platforms, but also to continue on the path of technological advancement in the education sector.

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