Monday 20 January, 2020

Digicel warns public of fake 'win an iPhone' promotion

Communications and entertainment provider, Digicel is warning members of the public of a new scam that claims to offer a high-end phone as part of a promotional campaign by the company.

The scam, which has been circulating online for several weeks, promises Digicel customers an iPhone if they either answer a number of questions correctly or click on the correct gift box.

After supposedly winning an iPhone XR, persons are asked to send $1 before the phone is sent to them.

However, Public Relations and Communications Manager at Digicel Jamaica, Elon Parkinson, has dismissed the purported promotion as a scam and is warning customers that their personal information could be compromised if they click on the link.

“It has come to our attention that customers have been receiving pop up messages advising them that they have been selected to win a smartphone from one of the more popular manufacturers,” Parkinson told Loop News on Friday.

“We want to encourage customers not to click on these links; these links are impersonating Digicel and they are designed to trick you into downloading a virus or some malicious software, also known as malware...this kind of software can steal your personal information whether from your smartphone, your laptop or your tablet,” Parkinson warned.

A screenshot of the fake promotion.

“We are advising customers to ignore or to delete these messages and to remind them that promotions carried out by Digicel are always available on our website or our social media pages and therefore they can come to those pages and verify the information,” the communications manager added.

Parkinson pointed out that there are usually some tell-tale signs about these scams.

“If one were to look closely at the pop ups you will notice that they often do not follow standard English, sometimes the words are not properly spelled, and you will also find that they use a tagline that is not associated with the Digicel brand ... they will also use the old Digicel logo as well,” Parkinson shared.

“So there are a number of signs that tell you that something is wrong about this so-called promotion from us and so again, we urge customers to simply check with us,” he said.

Customers are encouraged to call or send an instant message to Digicel via the company’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages, or to visit thee pages to always verify campaigns that are carried out by Digicel.

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