Thursday 26 November, 2020

Digicel earns JCSA nominations for Excellence in Service Award

Pia Baker, Director of Customer Care and Experience at Digicel.

Pia Baker, Director of Customer Care and Experience at Digicel.

 As a reflection of its resilient COVID-19 efforts, Digicel has been nominated for the 2020 Jamaica Customer Service Association (JaCSA)/PSOJ Excellence in Service Awards.

The company is welcoming the nomination, following its successful implementation of anti-COVID-19 measures that have promoted business continuity, while maintaining high standards of customer service.

The recognition was made recently by JaCSA following its announcement of a list of organisations that have demonstrated outstanding service throughout the pandemic.

These firms have come up with new and creative ways of serving the customer; robust cleanliness and safety protocols; timely, clear and concise communication; and, measures to surpass customers’ expectations.

Reacting to the selection, Director of Customer Care and Experience Director, Pia Baker, commented, “As a result of our consistent commitment to delivering a superior customer experience, it is very satisfying to see that our efforts have been recognised. This nomination reflects the hard work and dedication of our entire Customer Care team.”

Baker added, “It's important to point out that, as a provider of essential services to the public, we have a duty of care to keep our business running no matter what. Indeed, at a time like this, the services that we provide to customers could not be more vital or more needed. We take that responsibility very seriously.”

Digicel was among the first local companies to successfully transition its entire Customer Care team to a remote working environment, while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction throughout the period. The company reached the 100% milestone in April, having activated its work-from-home policy in late February.

Though having won the JaCSA awards several times before, Baker says this year’s nomination is special: “Being faced with changing challenges of the pandemic, and understanding the impact it is having on our customers, causes us to take this situation very seriously and do everything we can to prepare our business and prepare ourselves. I want to thank our customers and the JaCSA for recognising our efforts during these trying times.”

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