Sunday 21 July, 2019

Denise Daley apologises for inappropriate political statements

Denise Daley

Denise Daley

A week after making a highly controversial statement on a political platform, Eastern St Catherine Member of Parliament (MP), Denise Daley, has apologised wholesomely about her utterances.

Last Sunday, while addressing People’s National Party (PNP) supporters at a meeting in West Rural St Andrew, Daley wearing are not tolerated in her constituency, and would be asked to leave.

With green being the colour of the governing Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), Daley’s comments drew condemnation from many quarters, including a call for her resignation from the caretaker of her constituency, Reverend Dwight Peccoo.

It was also widely posited that Daley’s statements had the potential of taking the country back to the very tribal politics atmosphere of decades ago.

But the PNP has stepped in, and in a statement from the party on Saturday, the party said Daley now recognises that her remarks were not appropriate, and regrets having made them.

The PNP release said it was not Daley’s intention to offend anyone, and there was really no plan to have anyone removed from Eastern St Catherine because of their political affiliation.

"Based on all of the subsequent commentaries surrounding the statement, she now understands that it was not appropriate and regrets making such remarks," the PNP said.

The party acknowledged that the statements could have caused unease among residents in the constituency.

But it cited that throughout 31 years as a representative at the local and national levels, Daley "has enjoyed warm relations with political opponents and was therefore offering no excuses for her statement."

As a result, the PNP said: "Ms. Daley offers a full apology to her constituents, the political ombudsman, the People's National Party, and the people of Jamaica, for the remarks made, and said she will continue to conduct herself in a matter consistent with peace and goodwill and the lowering of political tension and tribalism."

Daley’s indiscretion followed similar but less chilling partisan political utterances from the JLP’s South East Clarendon MP, Rudyard Spencer, for which he also apologised after coming under intense public pressure and being advised to do so by JLP leader and Prime Minister, Andrew Holness.

Spencer had told JLP supporters at a party meeting that the supporters should expect to benefit from the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) because a ‘labourite’ is now the chairman of the authority. He was referring to former North West Clarendon MP and state minister, Michael Stern.

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