Thursday 23 January, 2020

'Dem is no Rasta': Auntie has 'no regrets' over trimming of boys

File photo of a boy being trimmed.

File photo of a boy being trimmed.

Melesha Welsh, the sister-in-law of Rastafarian entertainer JahDore, who has accused the police of trimming his children and feeding them meat, remains adamant that it was actually her who intervened in the artiste's household to ensure the safety and welfare of her young nephews.

"I regret nothing. The kids are not Rastafarian, and they are not even his (biological) kids. I trimmed them, and fed them, not the police. This is a big publicity stunt by JahDore, my father is a rasta, I respect their traditions, I would not violate that. I made the complaint to the police because I love my nephews and they have not been going to school since October last year, and now is May, and it couldn't continue, I don't want them to grow up dunce and can't contribute to society," an irate Welsh told Loop News reporter Claude Mills. 

Welsh reportedly made the complaint about the truancy of the children, and the Gordon Town police responded with officers taking the kids – two boys, aged four and eight - from their home in Irish Town, St Andrew. In light of that action, JahDore has accused the police of taking his kids, having them trimmed and fed with meat. The police denied the allegations, claiming that the boys were taken to lunch and the barber by their aunt.

JahDore... accused the police of trimming his children and feeding them meat.

"It was a simple matter and we all were at the police station to discuss it when I saw JahDore kick the officer in his belly and the officer grabbed his foot and thump him in the face. When I saw Jahdore dip to his waist, I grabbed the chlidren and ran out of the police station because I feared what would happen next. While outside, I saw a barber across the road. The kids had a fungus in their head, especially the younger one, so I took the opportunity to do it, I had to beg the barber to trim him," said Welsh, who is the sister of JahDore's spouse, Semela.

Welsh said, initially, only one of the boys was trimmed, but after the confusion died down at the station, she returned to the premises. 

"Semela saw that one of them was trimmed, and she actually sent out the other one to trim as well. She knew that I was the one who did it and not the police. Nobody in the family not talking to her right now because this never have to reach so far. Is JahDore come into the station and act like a dunce head dread and cause the whole of this. The only thing I care about is the kids; Jahdore didn't beat them, so right now,  they just need to go to school; Semela is my only sister, we have a bond and the whole of this just cause a rift," she said.  

Welsh, who lives and works in The Cayman Islands, insisted that she never had custody of the kids. 

"The police never gave me custody, mi leave with them in the confusion between Jahdore and the police," she said, adding that "the artiste all pop off the policeman button dem; ah mi auntie haffi pick them up off the floor."

She said it was not the first time the older boy was eating meat.

"Dem is not no Rasta, dem hair plait, is Barrett dem name, JahDore ah overdo it because him know say him wrong," Welsh said. 

In the meantime, JahDore, whose real name is Sean McDonald, is scheduled to appear in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court in Half-Way-Tree on June 4 to answer to assault charges.

According to the Jamaica Constabulary Force's (JCF) information arm, Corporate Communications Unit, JahDore is charged with assaulting a constable, assault occasioning bodily harm, and destruction of property.

The charges stem from the alleged incident which occurred at the Gordon Town Police Station on April 30. 

“The police did not, nor caused to happen — neither the trimming or feeding of the boys… The investigations have so far revealed that the boys who went to the police station in the company of relatives were taken to the barber and for lunch by their aunt, who had accompanied the boys' mother to the station…” said the JCF in a press release dated May 11.

JahDore is being represented by attorney-at-law Sanchez Stewart.

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