Wednesday 23 September, 2020

'Delinquent motorists to be detained at 'Camp', dragged before court'

Justice Minister Delroy Chuck on Thursday warned delinquent motorists with outstanding traffic tickets as of January 14 that they risk being detained at Up Park Camp and dragged before a night court until their matter is disposed of.

The Minister was speaking at Sabina Park where two new court rooms were handed over for use as traffic courts. Thursday’s handing over brings to three, the number of court rooms designated to deal with traffic offences in the Corporate Area. It’s also in anticipation of what is to come.

The Justice Minister said it has been observed that thousands of motorists chose to ignore the traffic ticket amnesty that ended on October 31 and continue to “drive on our nation’s roads, even with the threat of a traffic warrant hanging over their heads.”  With some 100,000 warrants to be served on delinquents, Chuck warned that those motorists who fail to make use of the second amnesty to wipe their driving records clean, do so at their own risk.

The Justice Minister said it has been recommended that the police move to bring all motorists with outstanding warrants before the court. A request has also been made for the Chief Justice to assign additional judges and put in place a plan to convene night courts right across the island to dispose of traffic matters.

And a recommendation has been made for the Jamaica Defence Force to assist by providing additional space at “Red Fence” at Up Park Camp to temporarily house persons who have been arrested on outstanding warrants.

“The court is being asked to exercise the most extreme action under the law to aid the effectiveness of the process,” Chuck said.

 The Minister argued that motorists  with five or more  tickets have no respect or regard for the system, as some persons are using the court process as a delay tactic. He said the view is that with the “numerous delays and inadequacies  in the court system their matters will never be addressed, and ultimately they will not have to pay their fines.”

Said Chuck: “I have news for all those outstanding traffic ticket violators. No longer should you bank on delays. We are fighting back through a systematic approach to the upgrading and modernization of our courts - the rule of law will be upheld."

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