Saturday 7 December, 2019

Deceased from Cross Roads shooting by guard was a 16-y-o in slippers

A screen grab from a video of the shooting of a youngster by a security guard in Cross Roads, St Andrew last Wednesday morning.

A screen grab from a video of the shooting of a youngster by a security guard in Cross Roads, St Andrew last Wednesday morning.

The person who was shot and killed by armed security guards in Cross Roads, St Andrew early last Wednesday morning, has been identified.

The deceased is Tae-Sean Marshall, a 16-year-old boy from Kingston.

Reports are that the teenager was shot and killed by the guards after they responded to reports of a break-in in the area.

The police reported that an imitation firearm was recovered from the slipper-wearing teenager after he died.

Since the incident, the guards involved have been taken off front-line duty amid both police and company investigations of the development.

John Azar, head of KingAlarm, the company to which the security guards are attached, told Loop News that the decision to take the guards off front-line duty was taken to facilitate the investigations.

A release was also sent out by the company, providing further details of the incident.

The release mentioned a video that has been circulating on social media of the incident, which is below.


“In light of images circulating on social media over…, and speculation surrounding ‎the recent fatal shooting incident on Brentford Road (renamed Studio One Boulevard)…, KingAlarm would like to state the following, based on our preliminary reports:

“One of our KingAlarm armed response teams was carrying out their duties on Brentford Road on the night of July 10. Having just responded to an intrusion alarm at a nearby premises shortly before midnight, three young men called out to the team (members) who were in the process of departing the area,” the release stated.

“The team came to a stop, at which point the three individuals approached the vehicle on foot and begun to engage the driver in conversation at close range,” the release continued.

It said that during the course of the brief discussion, one of the individuals outside the vehicle ran unexpectedly, while another lifted his shirt with his right hand as if to show (that) he had no weapon, while simultaneously, and without warning, reaching with his left hand for what appeared to be a firearm concealed to the back, left hand side of his waistband.

The imitation firearm that was reportedly taken from a teenager who was shot dead in an incident that involved security guards in Cross Roads, St Andrew last Wednesday morning.

“The driver of the KingAlarm vehicle, who was in closest proximity to the men, reacted quickly, discharging his licensed firearm in the direction of the man. The individual in question fell to the ground, while the third person attempted to flee and was subsequently detained,” the release stated.

Azar said the police were immediately alerted by the company’s command centre about what had taken place.

The police arrived at the scene shortly after, and the apprehended individual was handed over to them.

“The injured man was taken to the Kingston Public hospital by the police, aided by our personnel, where he was subsequently pronounced dead,” the KingAlarm release continued.

“The firearm was retrieved from the scene and handed over to police immediately upon their arrival. Same was subsequently discovered to be an imitation weapon,” the release further stated.

Since the reports from the security company, social media users have raised a number or questions about the incident, but generally indicated that they will await the conclusion of the police’s investigation of the matter.

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