Tuesday 25 June, 2019

Darrio signs to US-based indie label



Dancehall artiste Darrio has inked a management and recording deal with Gold and Goals Production, a US-based independent label. 

"We have signed Darrio because we have been watching the development of his career over the years, and we love his work ethic, his talent and love for the music. He is not all about the money nd he has the potential to be a great artoste," Lenord Taylor,  chief exectutive officer of Gold and Goals Production, said in a release. 

For his part, Darrio is relishing the opportunity to finally build his brand in a meaningful way with partners who are heavily invested in his success. 

"It's a great look, this opportunity came about at the right time where artistically and psychologically I am ready to take my career to a higher level," Darrio said. 

Earlier this year, Darrio released his debut EP, aptly entitled 'The Preliminary'. The album showcased the work of producers Tom Hype, Dub Akom, Picante Music, Warriors Muzick, and Knocturnal, with featured artistes like Kim Nain and reggae legend Everton Blender. The EP was released on the Germaica Austria label by executive producer Tomy Hype. 

"The EP did fairly well, the streamings looked good, especially the song with Everton Blender, 'Put In the Work' , producer by Warrior Musik, which moved some great numbers. Other songs got airplay all over the world," he said. 

Darrio toured to support the project, doing a show in Bermuda, three shows in Jamaica and some eight promotional dates in Europe to build awareness of the EP. 

Now, he is concentrating on releasing a battery of singles, one of which is the upbeat 'Up Today' on the Konnection Production. He will be releasing a video for the project this week.

"This is a song representing a new positive outlook on life, I feel empowered more than at any other time in my life, the last couple of years have been rough from a personal point of view, after Delus passing, things were rough. For the most part, I am a joyful person, and mi like movements, and that is happening now,  so mi just feel so optimistic and blessed these days that it is coming out in my music," he said. 

Three years ago, Darrio was in a dark place. He had severed ties with SubKonshus Music and then his world was shattered when one of his best friends, Delus, committed suicide. The two year anniversary of Delus' death was June 22 this year. 

"That day in 2016 was a nightmare, it's a day I try not to remember, me and Delus were supposed to make a flex, and then I got the news, and now, he's gone, we can't get to make no more flex. It was a day that made me evaluate life and my surroundings in a real way," he said.

In 2016, even though he had cut ties with Konshens, he had maintained a close relationship with Delus.  

"Me and Delus go pon a tour of Africa after me stop par with SubKonshus. Delus ah mi real bredda, him come link me everyday, mi dont have to have any reason to link him. When mi left SubKonshus in October  the previous year, Delus drop out June the next year, so it was a tough time for me. Mi lose two friend, one dead and one act dead, things happen and mi move on," he said. 

These days, Darrio is just happy to be making music. 

"I am in a happy place, I have a better appreciation of life, and the value of the amazing people in it. As my song says, I am really up today," he said. 


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