Wednesday 2 December, 2020

Dalton's eyes firmly on the prize, nothing will distract him - Germain

Dalton Harris (PHOTO: Instagram)

Dalton Harris (PHOTO: Instagram)

Donovan Germain, the manager of Jamaican singer Dalton Harris, was not surprised when Harris shook off the brouhaha surrounding his personal life to give yet another brilliant showing over the weekend to secure his place as a finalist in the televised talent show, X Factor UK.

"I knew that nothing would distract him, he has his eyes on the big prize. Within quiet people, there is a reservoir of strength, all who are talking should look at the positive, Dalton Harris is representing Jamaica at the highest level to the world," Germain told Loop Jamaica reporter Claude Mills.  

Germain, who is also the manager of the Kingston College (KC) Manning Cup team, will be leaving the island midweek to head to England to support his young charge. He will miss Friday's Manning Cup final between KC and North Street neighbours St George's College.

"The boys will take home the trophy, everything is in place, all they have to do is go out and execute. I have done all I can as management and I wish them all the best," Germain said.

Germain... Dalton is not fazed; he is strong mentally. 

He stressed that he has to be in London to support Harris in fulfillment of a promise he made to the X Factor hopeful ahead of the competition.

"When I dropped him off at the airport to go to London for X Factor, I told him that I'm not coming until he makes it to the final. That was the agreement. Now I have to honour my promise to be there," he said. 

Harris, a Digicel Rising Stars alum, has been a consistent high-flyer in the X Factor UK, wowing audiences with his incredible range, deft stage craft and brilliant performances. However, he has been buffeted by turbulence and controversy, first from the release of a photograph which appeared on the Internet showing him sitting on the leg of fellow contestant, Brendan Murray. Then this week, by claims from his mother that Harris has exaggerated the level of his childhood poverty, and through his comments, made her a object of ridicule in her quiet village town as he downplayed her role as a supportive mother. 

Harris was forced to hit out at 'toxic masculinity' exhibited by trolls on social media after being bombarded by hateful messages about him and Brendan. He has not addressed his mother's claims.

Germain believes that Harris has remained stoic in the face of it all, bloodied but uncowed. 

"Nothing will distract him. He has his eyes on the big prize. I keep telling him that he should be focused. He is not fazed. He is strong mentally. Obstacles are the things you see when you take your eyes off the prize. He will win this weekend," Germain told Loop News.

Harris will face off against Anthony Russell and Scarlett Lee who also progressed to this week's final showdown.

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