Sunday 25 October, 2020

Dalton Harris hits top note at Reggae Sumfest

Dalton Harris performs at Reggae Sumfest on Saturday night.  (PHOTOS: Marlon Reid)

Dalton Harris performs at Reggae Sumfest on Saturday night. (PHOTOS: Marlon Reid)

Dalton Harris thrilled Reggae Sumfest's Festival Night Two Saturday night with a riveting performance that showcased his vocal versatility which had the women in the audience screaming and lapping up his every word at the vast Catherine Hall facility in Montego Bay, St James.

Harris, who won the UK X Factor last year, also opened up about many of the things that afflicted him throughout the competition, including the infamous spat between him and his mother that boiled over into social media.

The singer, who is also a former Digicel Rising Stars champion, having won the talent show in 2010, also commented about performing at Reggae Sumfest during that show and being shunned by the audience. He said he had promised himself to change around his fortunes there within 10 years.

According to Harris, he was paid $2 million to perform at Sumfest 2019. He said he told the audience about it not to brag, but to show the journey he had travelled from being a "little country boy" to being able to stand proud on the Sumfest stage.

In the songs during his set, Harris praised God for showing the way for him to see better days, and he also encouraged youths with a song he said he wrote after leaving Kingston College, which advises to get up, dust off and try again.

In another song, he spoke about his X Factor journey, including another infamous incident for which he took some flack for sitting in a male contestant's lap. He said he would not sell his soul for a million dollars, which had the crowd cheering loudly.

Harris also performed a couple of his X Factor songs, including Whitney Houston's 'I Have Nothing'.

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