Wednesday 8 April, 2020

Dalton Harris 'Creep' into X Factor top 10 amid more iTunes success

Dalton Harris

Dalton Harris

Jamaican singer Dalton Harris survived the axe this week and successfully made it to next week's round of the televised talent competition, X Factor UK, while enjoying increasing chart success among the contestants.

Only 10 contestants now remain in the competition.

Sunday's elimination show had an almost palpable air of tension as X Factor only gave viewers 14 minutes to vote on Sunday (local time), after sound issues during transmission of the pre-recording of Saturday’s show forced them to adapt the format.

Harris, amid heightened public glare as the perceived favourite to take the crown, was the fifth contestant to be chosen.

Rounding out the top 10 are his fellow Boys Team mates, Anthony Russell and Brendan Murray; Shan Ako, Bella Penfold and Scarlette Lee from the Girls Team; Danny Tetley and Gio Spano from The Overs; and Misunderstood and Acacia & Aaliyah from The Groups.

Molly Scott and the quintet, United Vibe, were sent home, while the duo, Acacia and Aaliyah, emerged victors over Molly Scott, with whom they were forced into a sing-off.

Robbie Williams did not appear on Saturday's episode of the X Factor as was away in South America for his concert in Chile.

Amidst it all, Harris' studio recording of Radiohead's ‘Creep’, which he performed on Saturday's live show, shot up the iTunes Top 100 charts. For the second consecutive week, he was the top X Factor contestant on the chart, peaking at number 34.

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