Wednesday 22 January, 2020

Dahlia Harris bats for sexually abused males locally

Dahlia Harris... men too need protection from sexual abuse by women

Dahlia Harris... men too need protection from sexual abuse by women

Popular actress and television personality, Dahlia Harris, has come out to offer support to males in the society who have become victims of sexual abuse by women.

On her Twitter page earlier this week, Harris said that a lot has been happening to address the many cases of abuse of females, but not enough effort is being made to address similar problems being faced by males.

“Today I am standing with our male victims of sexual abuse. Our men are suffering in silence because of fear, some out of fear of their abusers,” said Harris.

She said many times the victims were not willing to come forward, as they were afraid that their situations will be highlighted.

Support of women has helped to break down some walls,” said Harris, ahead of declaring that, “The walls around our men must (similarly) come down”.

Only recent, a prominent entertainer publicly claimed to have been emotionally abused by a sexual partner, including being frequently threatened with death as part of demands for material support outside of his comfort zone. The artiste was one of few males locally to have come forward publicly about their alleged abusive experiences with women in their lives.

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