Tuesday 18 February, 2020

Curfew imposed in sections of St Andrew South Police Division

The St Andrew South Police have announced that there will be increased operational activities in the division this weekend, from 7 pm Friday, November 8 to 6 am Monday, November 11.

"During the period of the operational activities, there will be restrictions on the movement of some residents. This is in keeping with the powers of the security forces as stipulated in Section 8 of the Emergency Powers Regulations, 2018," the police said in a release.

The areas to be affected are:

Niggers Lane/White Wing
NORTH: Along Maple View Road from Olympic Way to Mahoe Drive;

EAST: Along Mahoe Drive, from Maple View Road to White Wing Avenue;

SOUTH: Along White Wing Avenue, from Mahoe Drive to Olympic Way;

WEST: Along Olympic Way from White Wing Avenue to Maple View Road.

Majesty Gardens

NORTH: Along Spanish Town Road from Majesty Gardens main road to Marcus Garvey Drive;

EAST: Along Marcus Garvey Drive, from Spanish Town Road to Chesterfield Drive;

SOUTH: Along Chesterfield Drive, from Marcus Garvey Drive to Majesty Gardens main road;

WEST: Along Majesty Gardens main road, from Chesterfield Drive to Spanish Town Road.

Payne Land/Mckoy/Myrie Avenue
NORTH: Along Selassie Drive, from Payne Avenue to Oakland Road;

EAST: Along Oakland Road, from Selassie Drive to Spanish Town Road;

SOUTH: Along Spanish Town Road, from Oakland Road to Payne Avenue;

WEST: Along Payne Avenue, from Spanish Town Road to Selassie Drive.

Union Gardens

NORTH: Along Spanish Town Road, from Hopewell Road to Union Avenue and Daffodil

EAST: Along Union Avenue and Daffodil Avenue, from Spanish Town Road to an imaginary
line A;

SOUTH: Along an imaginary line ‘A’, from Union Avenue and Daffodil Avenue to Hopewell

WEST: Along Hopewell Road from an imaginary line ‘A’ to Spanish Town Road.

Persons within the boundaries of the affected areas are reminded to cooperate with the person in
charge of the operations.

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