Friday 10 July, 2020

Cuba presents 8 medical scholarships to Jamaican youngsters

The eight students who received scholarships to study medicine and specialities related to medical science in Cuba.

The eight students who received scholarships to study medicine and specialities related to medical science in Cuba.

Cuban Ambassador to Jamaica Bernardo Guanche Hernandez awarded eight Jamaican youngsters scholarships to study medicine and specialities related to medical science in Cuba later this year.

The presentation ceremony took place at the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba located on Trafalgar Road in Kingston.

These scholarships were offered under the Cuba- Jamaica Programme for the academic year 2017/2018.

The scholarship recipients are:


  1. Toni Brodnock

  2. Jamila Rashida Brown

  3. Regina Smith

  4. Trishauna Apollonia Thompson

Associate Degree Programme

  1. Taneisha Atkinson – Associate Degree in Cytology, Histology and Thanatology

Masters´ Programme

  1. Sovia Brown   -Medical Imaging Radiation Physics

  2. Chad-Wayne Clarke – Master of Science Degree in Health Science

Pediatrics, Postgraduate

  1. Dianna Maria Cleary – Paediatrics

Speaking at the awards presentation Ambassador Bernardo Guanche Hernandez said: “To you, dear students, I’d like to say we do hope that after completing your studies in Cuba, you will return to Jamaica ready to make a useful contribution to your beloved country’s development and to the well-being of Jamaicans, especially those who are the most needed. I join others in commending you and your parents, and hope neither of you, students let us down.

Cuba awards scholarships to eight

“Allow me to take advantage of this ceremony to ratify the will of the government and people of Cuba to maintain and increase collaboration, in various areas, especially health, with the government and people of Jamaica. It is something that we do with great pleasure because we know that we do it for a people that do not get tired of showing their brotherhood and thanks to Cuba.

“Thanks to Jamaica as well, to its government, parliament and people in general, for its unwavering support to Cuba in the hard and long battle against the blockade.”

The Ambassador further declared that in the 2015-16 academic year, 42 young Jamaicans graduated in Cuba and that over 55 Jamaican youths are currently studying in Cuban universities within the framework of the Scholarship Programme.

In Jamaica, over 225 Cubans are presently providing their services in several bilateral cooperation programmes, especially in the health ( 173) and educational fields (51).

Cuba has a long history of providing assistance to Jamaica and the Caribbean in the fields of education, health and sport.

Ambassador Bernardo Guanche Hernandez took the opportunity to explain the rationale behind his country’s efforts to provide this level of cooperation.

“To Cuba, international cooperation is an essential component of the foreign policy of the Revolution and is based on the values of solidarity and humanism that our society defends . It is carried out unconditionally, with unrestricted respect for sovereignty, national laws, culture, religion and self-determination of states, and its use as a political instrument of interference in its internal affairs is rejected.

“Since 1959, the Cuban people have been striving for a better world where justice prevails and the rights of people are upheld in choosing their own destiny and path to development.”

Cuba is renown for its high literacy rate and the value the country places on education. The country continue to send its teachers all over the world to champion the cause of education.

“Not only have Cuban teachers rendered their services in many developing countries, but also many students from those countries have studied and graduated, free of charge, in Cuban universities.

“By so doing, the relevant Cuban institutions have kept that programme ongoing in spite of Cuba’s current economic challenges caused basically by the continuation of the unjust and more than five-decade US blockade," said the Ambassador.

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