Saturday 20 October, 2018

Cricket West Indies hit by two more resignations

Another resignation has hit Cricket West Indies (CW), this time Dr Donovan Bennett, the Chairman of the medical panel.

Dr Bennett resignation comes in the wake of the resignation of Dr Akshai Mansingh, who said his relationship with the board of CWI was no longer tenable.

Dr Bennett’s resignation also came along with that of Dr Renee Best.

According to Dr Bennett, there could yet be more resignations, adding that he also had difficulties with CWI.

“It [the resignation] has to do with some difficulties in carrying out our responsibilities. I don’t think we got the type of support or respect that was due to voluntary professional people,” said Dr Bennett.

“It’s the appropriate move to make to give the president (Dave Cameron) room for him to have the type of panel that he is comfortable with,” he added.

While there are issues, according to Dr Bennett, there is no ill will toward president of CWI, Dave Cameron.

“I don’t have any bitter feelings. I’m still hoping one day to be able to serve West Indies cricket. There’s a vacuum now, I hope they can fill it. I’m even prepared to help in whatever way I can until they reconstitute a panel,” said Bennett, who described his relationship with Cameron as cordial.

“I wouldn’t say the relationship with the president is great, but I would say that it is quite good and cordial,” he said.

Despite the cordial nature of the relationship, Dr Bennett still feels there were elements of the professional interaction between the entities that suggested a lack of respect.

“Having said that, when you have professional people working for you, you should basically respect their professional ability and allow them to do the job you ask them to do,” said Dr Bennett.

Dr Bennett and Dr Best’s resignations mean Dr Anyyl Goopesingh is the only remaining medical doctor on CWI’s medical panel.

The panel is completed by  physio, CJ Clark; strength and fitness coordinator, Ronald Rogers; CWI chief executive, Johnny Grave; COO, Verlyn Faustin; and Director of Cricket, Jimmy Adams.