Monday 15 July, 2019

Craytos Technology launches online grocery platform

Craytos CEO Keith Dixon

Craytos CEO Keith Dixon

Jamaican-based Craytos Technology Services Ltd has announced the launch of an all-new e-commerce platform,, which features same or next day home delivery, set to debut in a few weeks.

The ride-scheduling and delivery service app, Lymousine - which Craytos recently announced will be combined with to offer both convenience and cost saving benefits to both local and overseas Jamaican customers. Overseas customers will be able to purchase groceries for their family and friends in Jamaica and have them delivered to their homes in as little as two hours.

According to Craytos CEO Keith Dixon, the process is seamless and painless. Overseas customers simply go online to to register an account. They then select items to purchase using a credit or debit card. Finally, during checkout they simply choose the delivery option, which can be same day or next day. The process will be the same for local customers, those who don’t have a credit or debit card, will be able to purchase a closed loop prepaid card from the soon to be named local retail outlets. Phase one which allows debit and credit card transactions will be available to the public beginning in October 2018.

Phase two will be the introduction of the Craytos closed-loop prepaid card which will facilitate online purchases and will be available to the public beginning in November 2018.

Statistics show that remittances from the Diaspora are used mainly to purchase groceries and transportation services.  Dixon sees the combination of and Lymousine as the gateway to growing e-commerce in Jamaica.

Lymousine package delivery services is aimed at providing same-day deliveries, while allowing end-to-end package tracking. This facilitates customers, merchants and shippers to see, in real time, the location of shipped packages on their mobile device or computer workstations.

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