Wednesday 15 July, 2020

Crawford fires up Comrades in 'sweet' endorsement for 'Sugar Shane'

Damion Crawford

Damion Crawford

Declaring "I'm back!", newly appointed Opposition Spokesman on Youth and Culture, Damion Crawford fired up Comrades with a speech in support of South East St Mary candidate, the People's National Party's Dr Shane Alexis, at a rally in Annotto Bay on Tuesday night.

Crawford lashed the ruling Jamaica Labour Party over what he said were empty promises made by the administration including on economic growth, taxation and crime.

"So the JLP come and a seh all type of things... How is that working out for you?" he asked, before reeling out what he said were the empty promises.

"So we nah tell you to take sleep mark death, we ah tell you to take death mark death," he told Comrades to loud cheers of approval. 

He then highlighted some of the low points of the JLP administration - such as Finance Minister Audley Shaw's phone bill and irregularities at the Firearm Licensing Authority, stating after each that "that must Dunn!" in jabs at the JLP's candidate for the South East St Mary seat, Dr Norman Dunn.

"On the 30th of October, we are going to prove that it sweeter with Peter by putting them to shame with 'Sugar Shane'," Crawford said.

Watch the video below.

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